Workflow Max are making some big changes to how all your users access the system to improve security. The changes were released on November 6 and need to be implemented by December 4th or users won’t have access to the system.

Yes it’s a big change at a busy time of the year… to make the change takes a user about 2 minutes.  Below are some links to some training material on the process and do contact us if you need more help.

The changes are:

  • Users will create a free Xero account to login to Workflow Max


 This Xero account will have no access to your Xero Subscription unless you chose to link the accounts. ie If you have accounts for Xero and Workflow Max you can merge the login details and use the same email address and password to access both

  • Australian users will have to use 2 Step authentication when they access Workflow Max. This means they need to install an app on their phone and enter a code on the phone when they login to Workflow Max or Xero


You can set the authentication to only remind you every 30 days if you login from the same computer

Load three additional questions and answers that you can use when you don’t have access to your phone

If you are a New Zealand Workflow Max user consider the benefits of using 2 step sign authentication


Watch the Workflow Max video below for more details on the change and how to implement.



We don’t have all the answers yet, and will update below as we have them.  Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns

What happens if I don’t have  phone?

To setup the authentication you need a phone or tablet.  You can have multiple accounts using the authentication app on one phone or tablet

Do I need signal on my phone to get the passcode?

No. Once the authenticator app is installed and set up on your mobile device, it doesn’t need a mobile or wireless connection to work. Because it’s continually generating new codes that are only valid for 30 seconds, it doesn’t need to connect to anything.

What you do need to make sure of though, is that the time on your authenticator device is in sync with Xero. Xero uses an automatic clock service to set the time, as do most mobile phone service providers, so we recommend you allow your network provider to set the time automatically. Manually setting the time can lead to out-of-sync issues and an

I don’t have a smartphone or tablet; what do I do?

For greater security, it’s preferable to have the authenticator app on a different device from the one you use to log in to Xero. But if that’s not possible, you can install an app such as Authy on your laptop or desktop computer. Suggested authenticator apps for phones and desktop computers are listed in one of our other support articles.