Makeover for Workflow Max Mobile

Xero (the owners of Workflow Max are fans of Apple products, so It's not surprising that the recently released app works on Apple devices only. Choices for mobile workers have been limited to a stripped down mobile website, or a third party app like Actual. The new app is beautiful as you would expect from Xero, and it covers the basics well including adding time, providing job overviews and being able to look up client details. The Workfow Max blog has more details on features and a quick video. [...]

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Apples and Oranges

At Ripped Orange we think Oranges and Apples go together nicely.  Many others do also, in fact it's one of the most popular fruit drinks. Our focus is helping organisations with their digital literacy needs, may they be complex ERP systems, analysing a spreadsheet or navigating the world of social media. To help our clients Ripped Orange has joined the Apple Consultants Network, with a focus on iOS. Not surprisingly we have also been receiving a lot of requests for iPhone and iPad training, as more people are [...]

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Getting Smart with your phone

Mobile phones have come a long way from the brick phones of a decade ago.  The smart phone now has more computing power than your average 5 year old desktop computer.   The challenge many of us face is finding useful things to do with a smartphone that goes beyond texting, calling and taking photos.   There are millions of apps to choose from across the Apple, Andriod and Windows 8 Store. Many are useless but there are a few gems.   Many smartphones also include apps and [...]

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