Ripped Orange are presenting at the Workflow Max Success Summit, during April, the following blog highlights some of the content to be covered.

Productivity³ with WorkflowMax and the Cloud

Cloud apps like WorkflowMax are doing an awesome job of boosting productivity by saving time spent on quoting and managing jobs. The same is true with cloud storage tools like Dropbox, or email apps like Gmail and Office 365, which have enabled users to work from anywhere.

For SMBs, being more productive is vital if you want to implement all your great plans without getting bogged down on day to day admin. And being cloud connected means you can do this from anywhere, to shape your work around your life, not the other way around.

These tools work in isolation but combined they can provide great benefits. WorkflowMax users can generate significant benefit from combining and linking their cloud productivity tools. Some of the benefits include:

01 – Linking WorkflowMax and Cloud Document Storage

Connecting with your customers and working together on documents is a smart way to work, saving time and avoiding multiple versions of documents.

WorkflowMax can embed your cloud storage folders within a job so all the information you need is in one place, combining the power of two cloud applications, and making it easy to share information directly with your clients. Use cases are endless, from sharing design drawings, scopes and variations to name a few.

One document in two places, WorkflowMax and Dropbox

02 – Linking email to WorkflowMax

Wouldn’t it be useful to immediately access details on a job when a client email arrives in your inbox? You can. Office 365 users can install the free WorkflowMax Office 365 Add In that automagically looks up and notifies you that a contact is in WFM, then tells you the job details and status. Beautifully simple!


Instantly look up a job details from Microsoft Outlook

03 – Making Word and WorkflowMax Work for you!

Even Microsoft word with its 33-year history has a few tricks to save you time, if you consider using Invoice, Quote and Job Brief Templates in new ways.

Consider using WorkflowMax as the first place you start any communication with a c