Half Day Workshops

Office 365 is a combination of the Microsoft Office applications we know including Outlook, Word and Excel with cloud services to save, share and collaborate.

New services and features and added weekly to Office 365, to help you understand and get the most from Office 365 we have developed three courses.

1. Introduction Session – Experience may of the features Office 365 offers in a hands-on classroom session.

2. Creating a Digital Workspace – Half day hands on training SharePoint Online, Office 365 Groups, Teams, Yammer, Office 365 Admin Centre, Flow and PowerApps.

3. Mobile Apps – Half day hands on session focused on the mobile services with Office 365.

Ripped Orange will provide laptops and access to a dedicated training environment so no set-up is required.

Introduction Session


Just installed Office 365, and want to learn what’s available and how to want to get the most it. This half day hands on training session will focus on Microsoft Office, Teams and how to save and share files.


  • Understand Office 365, and how it connects to Office, the cloud and mobile apps
  • Become aware of all the apps in Office 365
  • Understand the difference with OneDrive, Office 365 Groups and SharePoint and when to use which
  • Learn how to create, save and share a file using OneDrive and SharePoint
  • Learn how to collaborate on documents using Office, Office Online and Office Mobile
  • Understand and experience the benefits of using OneNote and Teams

Creating a Digital Workspace


Already using Office 365 and want to learn how to create and manage a digital workplace using the features available in Office 365. This half day hands on training session will focus on SharePoint Online, Office 365 Groups, Teams, Yammer Office 365 Admin Centre, Flow and PowerApps.


  • Understand what features are available in the admin centre to manage Office 365
  • Become aware of all the apps in Office 365, and how they can be used
  • Learn how to create a SharePoint Team site and an Office 365 Group
  • Learn how to manage user permissions and Office 365 groups
  • Learn how to manage and configure Document Libraries and Lists for your organisation
  • Learn how to build an intranet using Office 365 Apps and Modern Pages
  • Understand what is possible to automate using Flow and PowerApps
  • Experience Yammer, Skype and Teams and learn the differences

Mobile Apps


Want to work from anywhere with Office Online or on the mobile apps for your smartphone or tablet? Learn about the various mobile apps that can help you work anywhere, anytime.


  • Working with files in the OneDrive and SharePoint Apps
  • Word, Excel, OneNote and PowerPoint Apps for mobile
  • Outlook App for mobile
  • Microsoft Teams App

Presentation Sessions

60 Minutes (15-30 people)

The demonstration sessions are designed to give users a taste of what they are able to do within Office 365. Content demonstrated and discussed includes:

  • Using the Office 365 Portal to access and work remotely
  • Collaborating, saving and sharing files using OneDrive for Business
  • Office 365 Mobile Apps for smartphones
  • New features in Office, with particular focus on Outlook, Word and Excel
  • Communicating with Microsoft Teams
  • New features in Office 365, including Sway, Power BI, Planner, Office 365 Groups and Yammer