Power BI is the child product of Microsoft Excel. Ripped Orange provide training on the three components of Power BI, training can be delivered individually or to build a solution to use all three.

Power BI is a suite of business analytics tools to analyze data and share insights. Learn how to build graphic and interactive dashboards, and reports in Microsoft Power BI that you can share across your organisation.

The topics we cover in the Power BI training course here at Ripped Orange:

  • Connecting to data sources through direct query (e.g. Google BigQuery)
  • Managing different levels of access to reports curated in Power BI.
  • Creating effective reports, and unique dashboards
  • How to utilize alerts and insights features

Power Query and PowerPivot

This course is for individuals who need to analyse large quantities of data. It is also aimed at those who wish to enhance their understanding of Excel PowerPivot and Power Query to enable them to attach multiple data sources within Excel PowerPivot Tables and Charts to analyse that data.

The topics covered in this course:

  • What is PowerPivot?
  • How to attach data sources
  • Working in the PowerPivot environment
  • Creating and managing links between data tables
  • Introducing Data Analysis Expression (DAX) Functions
  • Creating and Editing PowerPivot Tables and PowerPivot Charts
  • Working with DAX Functions & DAX Measures in PowerPivot
  • Working with slicers
  • How to effectively refresh data
  • How to save PowerPivot, DAX charts, and data tables

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Link to our Microsoft Excel training course: https://www.rippedorange.com/microsoft-excel-training/

Need more information in relation to Power BI? Visit the Microsoft link: https://powerbi.microsoft.com/en-us/

As Microsoft Excel is the parent product of Microsoft Power BI the two products offer features that can be utilised to interact with one another. These two features are Excel’s PowerPivot and Power BI’s Power Query.