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Cloud Software Support2022-03-15T08:56:26+13:00

Using Microsoft 365 or Workflow Max and need someone to call when you are stuck?

Once your software is in the cloud, your support requirements change. Making sure the software is running correctly is part of your monthly fee from Microsoft, Xero or Workflow Max.

Ripped Orange provide support for your users to ensure they are using the software effectively, so you get to make the most from your cloud software subscription.

Ripped Orange provide phone and email support for customers that purchase their cloud software from Ripped Orange.  You will pay the same as going direct and get:

  • No charge for the first 5 minutes for phone and email support
  • Preferential rates for additional support
  • 25% discount on Ripped Orange Virtual Courses
What virtual courses are included?2022-03-14T10:25:21+13:00

We run virtual courses each week on Microsoft 365 and Workflow Max.  as part of your Cloud Trainer Membership you will receive a code for 25% off.

View our Virtual Class Schedule 

Do you provide IT Support?2021-05-14T16:23:44+12:00

Out team are experts in using Microsoft 365 and Workflow Max,  we are focused on coaching you to support yourself.

If you require regular technical support or want someone to look after all your IT systems we can recommend some great IT Support companies that we work with across New Zealand

Can I pay by credit card?2021-05-14T16:22:50+12:00

Yes you can continue to pay by credit card although we have to pass on the  merchant fee of 3%.  You can also pay by direct debt or monthly invoice

Do I pay the same for my software subscription?2021-05-14T16:22:21+12:00

Yes, you pay the same retail price you are paying Microsoft or Workflow Max directly for your Cloud Software.

View the current prices for Workflow Max

View the current prices for Microsoft 365 

Request Support

Please complete one of the forms below to request support or make changes to your subscription.   You can also call us on 0800 000 256

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