Juice Review – Office for iPad

Last month Microsoft announced Office for iPad. This had been rumoured for some time, however there was a lot of speculation that Microsoft were holding off to avoid cannibalising sales of their Surface tablet. Perhaps with the change in CEO at Microsoft it was time for a fresh approach, however realistically the product will have been in development for some time. At Ripped Orange we have been using Microsoft Apps on our iPad and iPhone for some time, including Lync, OneNote, OneDrive for Business and Outlook OWA.  They [...]

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Getting Smart with your phone

Mobile phones have come a long way from the brick phones of a decade ago.  The smart phone now has more computing power than your average 5 year old desktop computer.   The challenge many of us face is finding useful things to do with a smartphone that goes beyond texting, calling and taking photos.   There are millions of apps to choose from across the Apple, Andriod and Windows 8 Store. Many are useless but there are a few gems.   Many smartphones also include apps and [...]

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