OneDrive vs OneDrive for Business

Where are you saving your files to, when you save to OneDrive? That depends on whether you’re saving to your personal OneDrive account or to OneDrive for Business for your organisation. Both are cloud based storage. OneDrive – Personal - this account is linked to your Microsoft Account.  Your Microsoft Account gives you a personal account with access to online office applications and cloud based storage for your personal files. OneDrive for Business  is part of your Office 365 subscription; your work related files should be saved here. [...]

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Setting up a new pc – which account to use?

When you set up Windows 10 on a device you will be asked to set up an account; you will have several choices: Set up a local log on account (use this if you prefer to have your logon credentials entirely separate from your online accounts) Use your Microsoft Account to logon (use this if you want to be able to automatically sync files and browser history across your devices) Log in with your work account (if this is a work owned device or only used for work [...]

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Office 365 Data Center Move

You may have received an email from Microsoft about where your data is stored and moving data center regions. If you started using Office 365 before around April 2015, your data is stored in Singapore and Hong Kong You have until October 31, 2016 to place a request for your data to be moved to the Australian data centre.  After then it can’t and won’t be moved. Should you move? There are two parts to this decision: You may prefer or anticipate requirements in your business that mean having [...]

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What happens to the Office 365 account when a user no longer requires it?

Setting up a new Office 365 user is easy but what happens when they leave? What do you do with their account, and how do you ensure you don't lose any important information and still have access to their mailbox? There are several steps that can be taken to manage the account of an Office 365 user when they no longer require it. A combination of the following will set you on the right path. Changing the users password Removing their license Remotely wiping their mobile device Granting another [...]

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SharePoint Steps It Up

Last week Microsoft released a range of updates and information on the future of SharePoint at a live event with fanfare and hype normally reserved for a iPhone launch. Team Orange have been reviewing the blogs, videos and information released to date and we are excited, business users should be also. The modern SharePoint features are great. Mobility While SharePoint looked ok on a mobile device, it lacked an app.  Support for SharePoint documents on the OneDrive App is available now.  A SharePoint App that supports pages, news and [...]

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Private class delivers benefits for healthcare company

Ripped Orange recently completed a training project for the accounts team of a national health care company.  The team of 20 regular Excel users wanted to increase their knowledge and skill using Ripped Orange's Private Classes. To ensure a successful result, all users were surveyed to understand their current knowledge and requirements,  this was then aligned with the business requirements defined by the teams manager. Users were then split into six half day courses, over a period of three days to allow  for progression. Ripped Orange provided [...]

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Productivity³ with WorkflowMax and the Cloud

Ripped Orange are presenting at the Workflow Max Success Summit, during April, the following blog highlights some of the content to be covered. Productivity³ with WorkflowMax and the Cloud BY DAVID JACKSON, ON 16 MARCH 2016 Cloud apps like WorkflowMax are doing an awesome job of boosting productivity by saving time spent on quoting and managing jobs. The same is true with cloud storage tools like Dropbox, or email apps like Gmail and Office 365, which have enabled users to work from anywhere. For SMBs, being more productive is [...]

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Workflow Max Partner Success Summit

WorkflowMax Partner Success Summit Ripped Orange have joined with the leading and experienced cloud integrators in New Zealand to present the WorkflowMax Partner Success Summit. Weekly from April 6th, this one hour session webcast will be a great way to take your knowledge of WorkflowMax to the next level!   For more information and to sign up visit the Workflow Max Blog:

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Microsoft Partner Awards

Ripped Orange were selected as a finalist in the Microsoft New Zealand Partner awards for our innovative Private Classes. The awards recognise Microsoft partners who show excellence in innovation and implementation of customer solutions based on Microsoft technologies. This year, Microsoft recognised partners in 22 categories that celebrate core partner competencies. Brent Kendrick, Director of Small and Midmarket Solutions and Partner Group at Microsoft, says all winners are companies demonstrating genuine transformational success. “In this year’s winners list it was great to see a mix of consistently performing [...]

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Sinking OneDrive…

OneDrive is the shared name for Microsoft's personal cloud storage space.  There are two types, OneDrive for your personal data and OneDrive for Business for work documents that your work or school can control. OneDrive also provides the ability to access and store documents on your computer, phone or tablet using the OneDrive App or OneDrive Synchronisation Client. When it's working well the Sync client picks up your latest changes and sends a copy to the cloud. Confusingly there have been two versions of the Sync Client, one [...]

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