Workflow Max Login Changes

Workflow Max are making some big changes to how all your users access the system to improve security. The changes were released on November 6 and need to be implemented by December 4th or users won't have access to the system. Yes it's a big change at a busy time of the year... to make the change takes a user about 2 minutes.  Below are some links to some training material on the process and do contact us if you need more help. The changes are: Users will create [...]

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Workflow Max Login Changes

The WorkflowMax login screen will be changing on  Monday 22 January 2018. We wanted to share this information with you early so you can prepare for these changes. Key points: If you are using "remember me" in your browser to login this will not work.   If you have forgotten your password, you will need to request a new one from your admin user can not reset or let you know what your password is. The remember me function will no longer work, so you may want to consider a [...]

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What version of Office are you using?

There are some significant changes coming for users of Office 365.   Currently you can connect older versions of Outlook (2010, 2013 and 2016) to Office 365 to receive mail and access files. The versions you connect is changing, meaning you will need to change Office versions more frequently or  move to Office 365 ProPlus which is the subscription version of office. Starting October 13, 2020, Office 365 ProPlus or Office perpetual in mainstream support will be required to connect to Office 365 services. Mainstream support. Microsoft will offer [...]

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Microsoft Partner Awards 2017

Team Orange were thrilled to be recognised as Learning Partner of the year by Microsoft at the recent Partner Awards. Our Cloud Trainer service was recognised to be an innovative and effective way to deliver training for Office 365. It is great recognition of the work our team are doing to help clients learn and adopt cloud based software across New Zealand. Team Orange receiving their award

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Locking the front door – Office 365 Security

Security options with Office 365 As with your home, your keys or password are the first line of defence to avoid access to your account. While we can't easily have one key that will open our house, car etc, this is easy to do in an online world as we create our own keys or passwords.  Sharing the same password over multiple can have the same risk as misplacing a master key. Password protection is the users responsibility, as much as keeping their card keys safe is their [...]

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Block creating Microsoft Account with work email

We see many users struggle with the differences between OneDrive - Personal and their work OneDrive. You can read more about the detail on our recent blow We see many users struggle with the differences between OneDrive - Personal and their work OneDrive. To solve this Microsoft are now blocking new accounts being setup for email domains that are in Office 365. Users will see the message below. You can read more about the experiencing and details at Cleaning up the #AzureAD and Microsoft account overlap This [...]

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Windows 10 Webinar

Microsoft released a new update to Windows 10 last month, learn about the new features in Windows 10, and tips for users upgrading from Windows 7. The following is a recording of our recent webinar and some reference links below: Discover what's new in Windows 10 including: - Edge Web Browser - Adjusting and navigating the start menu - Managing notifications and the action center Links: How to change your Microsoft Account Email Address Ripped Orange  - Quick Guide to Windows 10 Windows 10 Webinar - 25 [...]

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Office 365 security options

How can I keep my data safe if it's stored in the cloud? We will explore a few options available to keep your data safe from accidental mistakes, or deliberate attempts. Passwords The days of leaving the front door unlocked are gone, as are having an insecure Pa$$word.  This is your first and most important line of defence. Office 365 Provides the following options: Force users to change passwords on a regular basis. Enable Multi Factor Authentication Like some banks multi factor authentication makes you enter [...]

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