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Meeting in a Teams Channel

How to make recurring meetings more productive The dreaded recurring meeting, 30-45 minutes of your day that are blocked out in your diary. While useful if managed well they can also be a huge time sink and productivity loss. Often people Turn up late Don’t turn up at all Give apologies at the last minute Don’t come prepared or present an update that could be an email or chat With the rise of virtual remote meetings, there is an opportunity to look at recuring meetings differently [...]

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Which Microsoft 365 Business Plan?

There are a wide range of Microsoft plans available, selecting the right one for your business can be confusing. Firstly there are two plan types, Business and Enterprise.  Business plans are limited to 300 users so they should suit most New Zealand business Within the business plans there are three bundles: Business Basic   - $8 per month This is similar to Google Apps, you get access to all the Microsoft 365 Office features but only on the browser and mobile phone apps. It's an ideal [...]

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Microsoft Price and Flexibility Changes

In March 2022 Microsoft are introducing two changes to the way Microsoft 365 subscriptions are purchased that will impact all Microsoft 365 users.  You can read the full details of the change here The changes are: 1 - Price Increase of around 15% for selected products Most New Zealand business use the Business plans as they are priced for organizations with less than 300 staff, the changes are listed below in USD Business Basic  (Web only) + $1 USD per user per month Business  Standard (Web + [...]

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Using Quote Folders in Workflow Max

Folders are a way of itemising similar costs and tasks into smaller chunks – essentially allowing you to create sub-jobs.  Folders have been a feature in Jobs since way back - but have only recently become available in quotes.  This is great news for WorkflowMax users who quote in stages or phases – giving you flexibility to build quotes the way you want.  This much-anticipated feature opens a world of possibilities, empowering WorkflowMax users to create structured, professional-looking quotes.  Here’s how it works in practice…  Scenario – John at Orange Landscaping is quoting a construction project with three stages – Consents & Engineering, Excavation and Safety [...]

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Updating supplier costs in WorkflowMax

Over the past year many clients have expressed their frustration with frequently increasing supplier costs.  For users with extensive WorkflowMax cost lists, this frustration is compounded - requiring many hours of valuable time spent updating costs manually. The following will cover how to update your list of costs. If your cost list is on the lengthier side, exporting, updating, and re-importing your costs will save you precious admin time.  This is a straightforward process, but you do need to follow the steps carefully.  Microsoft Excel skills are [...]

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Managing Templates – Organisation Template Library

Microsoft Office Template files provide a way to create consistent documents that follow your organisation styles.  Files can contain premade content to speed up the process of creating documents. Making templates easy to find and use is a constant challenge these files are designed so when they are opened you take a copy of the file, and do not change the base file. Templates have been distributed for decades across networks, often in a folder called “Templates” that users have read only access.  To make it easier [...]

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Sharing your Office 365 Calendar with anyone…

Want to share your work calendar with the family, or have setup a separate calendar that you want to share? Because your calendar is in the cloud it’s easy, login to www.office.com and select share in Outlook.  Add the persons email and they will get an invite.  Tip – Read the permissions you are giving first. At the other end they can either click on a link or add the link as a web calendar.  In Outlook have them select add Calendar from Internet. Then insert the [...]

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Workflow Max Login Changes

Workflow Max are making some big changes to how all your users access the system to improve security. The changes were released on November 6 and need to be implemented by December 4th or users won't have access to the system. Yes it's a big change at a busy time of the year... to make the change takes a user about 2 minutes.  Below are some links to some training material on the process and do contact us if you need more help. The changes are: Users will create [...]

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