Office 365 Data Center Move

You may have received an email from Microsoft about where your data is stored and moving data center regions. If you started using Office 365 before around April 2015, your data is stored in Singapore and Hong Kong You have until October 31, 2016 to place a request for your data to be moved to the Australian data centre.  After then it can’t and won’t be moved. Should you move? There are two parts to this decision: You may prefer or anticipate requirements in your business that mean having [...]

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What happens to the Office 365 account when a user no longer requires it?

Setting up a new Office 365 user is easy but what happens when they leave? What do you do with their account, and how do you ensure you don't lose any important information and still have access to their mailbox? There are several steps that can be taken to manage the account of an Office 365 user when they no longer require it. A combination of the following will set you on the right path. Changing the users password Removing their license Remotely wiping their mobile device Granting another [...]

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