Ripped Orange Courses in Queenstown

We are thrilled to announce that Ripped Orange have formed a partnership with Southern Institute of Technology (SIT) in Queenstown for the delivery of Ripped Orange Courses. SIT have offered their successful Computer Snacks Course to Queenstown Business for many years.  Ripped Orange have partnered to provide courseware, exercises and lesson plans for the courses that are delivered by SIT. This means organisations with staff based in the Southern Lakes Area are able to offer the same courses that staff may have attended elsewhere in New Zealand, without [...]

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Training on a Super Yacht

At Ripped Orange we helped organisations across New Zealand get the most from their software systems. While doing this we have trained in some great locations, including: Gold Mines Coal Mines Lime Mines Gyms Abattoirs Prisons Dairy Factories Last week we moved from land based training to on the water training.  We were lucky enough to provide some personalised one on one coaching on board the MV Alucia, when she visited Auckland. She is equipped with two submarines and a helicopter everything you need for a serious but [...]

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Juice Review – Office for iPad

Last month Microsoft announced Office for iPad. This had been rumoured for some time, however there was a lot of speculation that Microsoft were holding off to avoid cannibalising sales of their Surface tablet. Perhaps with the change in CEO at Microsoft it was time for a fresh approach, however realistically the product will have been in development for some time. At Ripped Orange we have been using Microsoft Apps on our iPad and iPhone for some time, including Lync, OneNote, OneDrive for Business and Outlook OWA.  They [...]

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Juice Tip – Setting up a domain name

This blog is designed to provide your with the information to register your own domain name and the steps your will need to make to register it. What is a domain name? A domain name is a unique global web address that people enter to visit your website or send an email.  E.g. is the web address and .  Is the email address. In this case rippedorange is the name and is the domain prefix.  There has been a large number of domain prefixes added [...]

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Apples and Oranges

At Ripped Orange we think Oranges and Apples go together nicely.  Many others do also, in fact it's one of the most popular fruit drinks. Our focus is helping organisations with their digital literacy needs, may they be complex ERP systems, analysing a spreadsheet or navigating the world of social media. To help our clients Ripped Orange has joined the Apple Consultants Network, with a focus on iOS. Not surprisingly we have also been receiving a lot of requests for iPhone and iPad training, as more people are [...]

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City Care Makes Use of Smart Templates

Business Overview: City Care is a leading provider of construction, maintenance and management services across New Zealand's infrastructure and amenity assets, employing over 1,350 staff across 16 operational branches throughout the North and South Islands. Established in 1999, City Care has an annual turnover of approximately $354 million.  City Care is a Council Controlled Trading Organisation (CCTO) operating under the Local Government Act. Business Issue: Each year City Care responds to over 150 tenders and requests for information.  To manage this significant business development activity, City Care employs four tender [...]

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Clouds are rolling in on the farm

As Published in Rural News Last month Xero released its plans for the farming sector at their annual Xero conference. Xero are the software darling of the NZX, with a share price that has been growing faster than the price of irrigated land in Mid Canterbury. To date, Xero has not provided much for farmers, instead focusing on small to medium businesses, of which 250,000 use their software globally. Xero has also spawned a large number of add in partners that provide very useful services for business in [...]

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Quality Business Focused Training

We have been helping businesses get more from their computing systems since 2001, and while we have moved from installing software from floppy disks to configuring cloud based systems, the basics of good training have not changed.  It takes a skilled trainer to bridge the gap between your business needs, what the software can do, and what you know how to do. Ripped Orange are lucky to work with some of the best and most experienced trainers in New Zealand, they don’t just know the technology but they [...]

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Getting Smart with your phone

Mobile phones have come a long way from the brick phones of a decade ago.  The smart phone now has more computing power than your average 5 year old desktop computer.   The challenge many of us face is finding useful things to do with a smartphone that goes beyond texting, calling and taking photos.   There are millions of apps to choose from across the Apple, Andriod and Windows 8 Store. Many are useless but there are a few gems.   Many smartphones also include apps and [...]

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