Over 100 billion emails are sent each day – learn how manage and effectively use Outlook with our courses.

Introduction to Outlook

So you’re new to emailing and setting up appointments? What about setting up a file to contain someone’s contact numbers, email address, web address, physical address, etc. How do you manage your “to do” list?

Learning how to organise your mail and schedule appointments/meetings effectively will enable you to interact with others in a more efficient way; creating Contacts saves you time locating relevant details about a particular person; setting up Tasks enables you to manage your “to do” list electronically. Everything you need to get you started with Outlook is contained within this course.

Content Covered

  • Microsoft Outlook environment
  • Create and Manage Emails
  • Follow up Options
  • Create an Automatic Signature
  • Create Folders and Store Emails
  • Create Contacts
  • Setup Appointments and Meetings
  • Utilise Tasks
  • Out of Office

Advanced Features

You’re someone who is comfortable using the main features of Outlook, but now you want to explore some advanced features to get the most out of the program. Folders have been set up in your Inbox into which you are filing specific emails, but you now want to file specific topics automatically or forward them to another member in your organisation. Expand the use of your contact database by sorting your contacts into categories – this will enable you to target specific contacts within a Word Mail Merge. You may need to send emails on behalf of someone else or access another user’s calendar and organise appointments or meetings on their behalf. Tasks have now become important and you may need to forward those tasks to another colleague to be completed, but be able to track the task progress. These extra features will improve the efficiency of your day to day tasks.

Content Covered

  • Managing Mailbox Rules
  • Creating Contact Categories
  • Customise your Calendar, Inbox and To Do Bar
  • Sharing Calendars, Contacts, Mailboxes
  • Creating and Assigning Tasks
  • Overlaying Calendars